SolidProxy Season 5/6 - Multi-Protocol

- Autokill (2 Modes: Mob-by-Mob or parallel), supports master skills
- Autobuff (Elf, Soul Barrier), supports master skills
- Teleport
- fully customizable maps by changing *.att files, and color settings
- AutoTeleport
- AutoPickup with a very dynamic item filter
- Anti-DC (Ignore Animation, Dmg and Skill Packets)
- Auto Repair
- Auto Drink HP / Mana
- Guard Spot
- Agility Hack
- Skill Hack
- Monster Magnet
- Auto Party by whisper
- Combo Hack
- Player Meet Events (Disconnect, Warp, Pause Autokill, no teleport pickup)
- Death Events with custom action list
- Exp Statistics
- Packet Log with alot filter capabilites
- Packet Sender with some kind of scripting capability(variables) and auto send
- Auto List all Items of player shops
- Background Auto Reconnect (tested on GMO, not working on some private servers)

Powerful customization capabilites for experienced users:
- Support of any Protocol
- Packet Rules
- Hotkeys
- Xor32 Encryption Key
- Main.exe Checksum Bypass (By function or checksum.dat)
- Main.exe Version / Serial configurable (you can use another main.exe, for example if you found a clean one without hack protection)
- Skill Packet Templates
- Customizable Skill IDs

SolidProxy SDK for .NET Developers:
- Write your own extensions for SolidProxy. There are almost no limits.

System Requirements:
Windows with .NET Framework 3.5 (Client Profile)
(unsupported: Linux with Mono and windows forms package; not all is working with it due to some GUI issues)

Read before PMing me or replying to this thread:
- Begging is ignored, and forbidden by forum rules.
- Only post if really something isn't working. For example, some guys posted that ignore mana/ag "isn't working". In fact, it did "work", but most servers do ignore the packets.
- If you have problems and want receive help, post as much details as possible. To post that something "doesn't work", will be ignored by me, except it is an obvious error.
- Read the FAQ before posting. Alot of questions already have been answered.
- SolidProxy doesn´t explicitly include a bypass for any Anti-Hack program, don´t ask for it. I will ignore such requests. However i didn't put in any limitations, so feel free to use it on any Server you want. It works even on GMO, at the moment is no bypass needed.
- Crying about that it is detected by a gameguard is ignored and maybe will make you banned
- Asking for hack/packet to dc other players = autoban

- Added Skills: Evil Spirit, Flame, Hellfire, Triple Shot (Tested in gmo, Season 6 only)
- Added Option: Disable Spot Guard after Death
- Added Button to put current coords to spot guard
- Guard will drink now potions from extended inventory
- Added Reload Arrow Feature
- Fixed Shopping-Feature, optimized in speed.
- Fixed Spot Guard timer
- Removed Safezone of Chaos Castle map.

1.21.1 Hotfix
- Fixed protocol bug (if protocol other than ENG is used)
- Added Option "Don't send when..." to packet sender
- Added Context Menu to packet sender, to add more packet senders
- Added extended Maps of Season 6
- Added 'Active'-column to Autopick
- Added button to detect local IP-Address
- Fixed Safezone-State which caused skills were sent in safezone, and sometimes not send when your not in safezone
- Fixed possible bug when sending more than 1 packet in autokill or packet sender

1.20.4 Hotfix
- Fixed Guard Spot function
- Fixed Auto Drink HP/Mana (really )

1.20.3 Hotfix
- Fixed Autobuff Delay
- Fixed Auto Drink HP/Mana
- Added some items to the ItemNames.txt
- Updated Packet Pattern Help Text
- Fixed removing of items in the pickup list
- Fixed Protocols
- Fixed Auto-Reconnect (no more closing mu or disconnect dialog when dc packet gets received from server)

- Almost completely rewritten SolidProxy under the hood (so report bugs pls )
- Added Plugin-Support and SDK (only for programmers)
- Added Auto Reconnect
- Added Connection Server Emulator
- Added Skill Packet Templates (you can change the skill packets, if the standard doesn't work for you. if you have questions, ask)
- Added Soul Barrier Autobuff
- Sending no more attacks and buffs in safezone, now by default
- Added Pickup of all items of an item group
- Added Walk-By pickup (item will be picked up, when you come close enough to it)
- Added negation of elements in the Packet Rules Pattern (use "!" infront of a single value, list, or range element)
- Added PacketLog FIlter by packet pattern
- Added rule-file to block annoying Gens-Chat
- Fixed normal hit autokill mode 2
- Alot other improvements which i forgot
Evolver - C3 EncDec
paulo94 - C3 EncDec Port to C# (buggy one )
Deathway - Main Checksum Algorithm
Mumpfi3k - helped me when i was nab

OBS: Esse hack pode estar Patched em alguns mus (fixado)
Mas como existem varios serve ainda pode estar funcional em alguns (Traduzindo = serve noob)

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Para ver o link você precisa ser um usúario registrado.

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